The new line of MAP 3 sprayers returns to provide innovative solutions for the current field, giving greater dynamism, greater carácter, providing a new imprint, maintaining the robustness, reliability, proposing an evolution that values the identity of the brand. Our brand has a mission: to continue keeping our market leadership and competing at international level with the best quality standards

This series consists of 11 models as detailed below:

Also, as an innovative concept, PLA offers a “unique in the global market” customization, offering in each model an adaptability for each customer, providing different versions and options without changing delivery times, exceeding 150 configuration options, combining:

• Technology
• Transmission
• Working width

Outstanding characteristics of the MAP 3 family:

MAP 3 Cab

The spirit of Pla is to provide farmers with more and more productive tools so the Company has thought of improving not only the operator´s comfort but also his safety, that is why it has developed a cab that meets the optimal conditions for the spraying operation, increasing 30% the visual field, thus broadening visibility and providing the safety and protection that the operator requires.

• Fully integrated air conditioning in the ceiling. Higher performance.
• Led lights. Improve vision and reduce consumption.
• 10 mm thick polyurethane carpet
• Injected plastic steering column, 3 movements.
• Thermoformed interior (0% FRP)
• Seat with adjustable height, pneumatic suspension
• Interior finish of automative quality.

• Electric cab-chassis interconnection. Quick connectors.
• Location of electric modules inside cab, protected and easily accessible.
• Mechanical attachment of windshields and glasses. No clue used.
• Activated carbon filters located in places that facilitate access and replacement.
• Air conditioning integrated in the ceiling of easy access.

• 4 air conditioning diffusers to generate uniform / enclosing circulation.
• 4 diffusers to defog side windows and windshield.
• Door opening, front. Optimal access to cab.
• Multifunctional joystick for hydraulic movements and spraying process.
• Hydraulic clutch
• USB port + 12V socket
• Console integrated commands, including computer.
• Optional electric heating.
• Optional refrigeration.
• Improves visibility. 30 % increased field of vision

• ROPS and FOPS (anti roll over system)
• Soundproofing. By means of a 10 mm thick polyurethane carpet and rear and roof insulation. Not more than 50 db
• Laminated windshield.
• Safety hammer

• Study of ergonometric positions
• Greater interior space.
• Concept integrated to the machine.

Solution tank:
• Rotomolded made with international die-stamping
• Smooth interior finishes, improving interior cleaning
• Automated production processes
• Design harmonious with the machine
• Recyclable
• Do not require access for maintenance of tank washing devices.
• Most accesible cover

Clean water tank:
• Rotomolded
• Recyclable material
• Greater capacity, 400 liters
• Low and high beam headlights for transportation
• Passable
• Ideal for interior, exterior washing of the machine and/or agrochemical jerry cans with clean water.

Oil and fuel tanks:
• Passable, are part of the walkways
• Increased fuel tank capacity
• Harmonious design
• Fuel tank made from recyclable material
• Internal redesign improving hydraulic oil cooling and filtration
• They allow to go practically over all machine surfaces
• Ladder with aluminum steps that reduce weight and require less maintenance
• Manufactured under safety standards.

Manual loading control:
Located within reach of the operator, on the left side of the machine so he does not have to move from the loading place

Transmission for all needs:
Cable mechanical,
Power shift mechanical,
Power shift mechanical + automatic,

Spray filters:
Gathered to ensure cleanliness and accessibility
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